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Chubby soda Redesign

Packaging Redesign

This package design was a class project modelled after the Phoenix Challenge.

The brief:

Redesign the packaging and product for an existing well-known brand to make it ready for a flexographic run.


The concept:

My team and I selected the drink brand Chubby, the bubbly and colourful soda for children. We had grown up with this soft drink brand and wanted to modernize and redesign it into Chubby Cider, an alcoholic cider beverage.

We kept a lot of the elements including the beloved Chubby mascot but have  made it simpler . The bubbles in the centre help convey the cider product to consumers. The specialty flavour was blueberry, made for the summer season, and the peach flavour has been a fan favourite by many. 

The process to redesign Chubby soda into Chubby Cider was a complete hands-on one. It started with a concept design and colour selection, then plate making including any adjustments and then the press run to print out the label.

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