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GCM Colloquium 2021:
Sustainability in the Graphic Arts

Leadership and Project Management for a Digital Conference

As President of GCM Colloquium 2021, my team and I won a prestigious Canadian Online Publishing Award for Best Content Marketing Campaign. It is incredible to receive this award for the first-ever virtual conference that included speaker panels, workshops, networking opportunities and a keynote address.

My responsibilities as the President included overseeing all planning of the event as well as the management of student executive members and teams (public relations and marketing) to plan and coordinate the first-ever digital colloquium.

Colloquium 2021 Logo.png

GCM Colloquium is an academic and professional conference that brings GCM (Graphic Community Management) students, faculty, and members of the graphic arts industry together to network, form professional relationships, and learn from each other.

The theme for GCM Colloquium 2021 was Sustainability in the Graphic Arts which took a deep dive into both the creative and operational angles of sustainability within the graphic arts.

GCM Colloquium 2021 was the very first digital and international conference. It was the most successful Colloquium in history with 360 registrations and 200+ attendees for both days with 19 corporate partnerships. 

We broke all previous records concerning total event registrations and had 170 attendees on day one and 180 on day two. The attendee locations included Canada, U.S.A., U.K., Pakistan and India. Our team also created an immaculate Snapchat filter with 921 views, 559 plays and 47 shares.

Images below were used as marketing material to promote the conference.

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