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The Chesterfield Shop

Digital Media and Marketing

The Chesterfield Shop is a local and family-owned furniture store that has been in business for over 70 years. They were looking to increase their presence online including digital ads, social media and updating their website. While they don't sell online, the goal of the website is to encompass this iconic brand and to attract customers and bring them.


Below are samples of social media posts, digital ads, print ads, and landing pages. 

Gwartzman's USk Ad.png
Gwartzman's USk Ad March 2023.png

Digital Ads created for The Chesterfield Shop for the Toronto Star and Newmarket Today homepages. 

Gwartzmans instagram.png


increase in followers


increase in reach online


increase in impressions

Gwartzmans instagram.png

Best Performing Reels

Website redesign

Coordinated the launch of the Nicker Colour brand in Canada and at Gwartzman's. The launch included a custom landing page, and a social media campaign including influencer/artist collaborations. 

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